Claims Resolution Services provide effective assistance to the non-fault accident management sector. Specialising in recovering swift and fair settlement on credit hire, repairs, recovery and storage. We can also offer full assistance in recovering other uninsured losses for your clients.

We understand the importance of delivering the best service possible to your clients around the clock and to assist you in ensuring you’re able to provide top-quality service 100% of the time, Claims Resolution Services will manage the recovery of your unpaid invoices by negotiating the best settlement possible with the at fault insurer using our extensive knowledge and experience within the non-fault claims sector.  This allows your company to direct its full efforts in ensuring maximum conversion and complete customer satisfaction.

Claims Resolution Services are committed to ensure your cash flow is not interrupted or jeopardised.  With our highly-trained staff, we can negotiate fairly and professionally to ensure maximum funds are received quickly and litigation is avoided.



With our extensive knowledge of the ABI GTA and case law we ensure swift recovery of your invoices, allowing your staff to focus on providing the best level of service to your clients.

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Hire Monitoring

We can prepare for potential third party disputes by producing contemporaneous evidence at the start of hire.  This will help form a successful rebuttal against defendant's proposed basic hire rates at the payment pack stage.  We can also respond to intervention offers, ensuring that they're Copley compliant, so that we reach a swift settlement on the best possible terms.

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We can provide tailored training solutions to your staff, giving them the knowledge and tools needed to manage claims effectively and efficiently.

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